Dienstag, 16. Juli 2013

Thank you EF

i just wanted to say thank you to the people of EF for inviting me to the EF Summeranza 2013 in London! i had such a blast and enjoyed it very much being a part of this whole experience!


Montag, 15. Juli 2013

EF Summeranza - Sneak Peek

hi lovies,

as promised i'm posting the (short) videos of the EF Summeranza. it isn't my best performance but you still get a little peek of what i experienced in London. if you like dancing, singing, partying and having a good time all day through you definitely should get your ticket for EF Summeranza 2014 ;)

i'm off for a refreshing juice with a friend and may also go for a dip into the lake.. enjoy this beautiful day guys!

Samstag, 13. Juli 2013

EF Summeranza - London

hi lovies,

i'm back in Switzerland, blogging from a sunny patio...

even though, i didn't see much of London itself in these two exciting days i had a great time!  as i happend to have a bit of trouble regarding the check-in in switzerland i was pretty relieved when i finally set foot on UK ground and even happier when i got to see the venue of the EF Summeranza. it was way bigger than i expected and they cater for all tastes. 

in the late afternoon the stars (Roma Zhelud and Luminites) were performing on the main stage (in the main tent). the EF Summerdance then opened up for Sky Blu of LMFO. i'm going to post the videos soon, so stay in the loop!!

since i was invited from the lovely people of EF i attented the event as e VIP (yes, i felt Very Important ;)). i got to stay in the VIP tent with some other students who won any kind of competition which made them VIP as well. 
I loved the atmosphere, the music and the weather - omg it was super sunny and not "london-like" at all ;)

stay tuned for videos and some more pics of the event..


meet the starts @ the red carpet

the main tent
karaoke in front of the EF bus

fun fair ride

face painting

Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2013

and off we go...

hi sweetie pies,

i'm on my way to my brother's because i'm going to spend the night there before leaving Switzerland for London! can't believe i'm actually doing this!! how on earth do i deserve to be invited to the coolest festival -> EF Summeranza!?!? Make sure you are following my

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and Bloglovin
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for the latest news & pictures! you are invited to be part of this special event through my eyes! enjoy!

Dienstag, 9. Juli 2013

packing isn't my fave thing to do

hi my friends,

how are you guys doing? are you on vacation? 

i surprisingly got the three days off before my vacation. anyway, no one would say "no" to this, right? ;) i spent the last days with lots of cleaning, doing the laundry and relaxing on the couch. since the trip to London with the generous people of EF isn't that far away anymore i started with the packing. unfortunately, i'm a horrible packer! do you remember THIS post? i packed way to much for my stay in california!! that's why i started to write down everything that comes to my mind during the day concerning my packing situation. i hope this will help a little and i won't be sitting at the airport with to much things. i also prevented the over-packing by using only handluggage which i think will do it for 2 days ;) haha

is anyone of you going to attend the EF Summeranza?

almost forgot to get some cash... ;)

Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2013


hi lovies,

don't forget to follow me on

Follow NissyGoesCalifornia

since google friends connect is shutting down! i'm sure you don't want to miss the posts about my super cool trip to London with EF!

stay tuned!!

Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2013

coming soon

hi there,

it's been a while now but i honestly couldn't manage to blog these past weeks since i was so busy with all the working and sleeping - but mostly working. you can't imagine how excited i am to start my vacation next wednesday!! i didn't sleep 6 hours straight for days and my body starts telling me to slow down a little. but he has to wait a just a little longer because on thursday i'm going to be in London with EF and i won't waste the hours with too much sleep that's for sure!! after that, i'm going to sleep for the next 3 days i guess ;)

but back to the more active things in life ;) the EF Summeranza takes place in London and i'm beyond excited how it's going to be! it will be kicking off my festival summer! and here's what i'm looking forward to...

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