Dienstag, 9. Juli 2013

packing isn't my fave thing to do

hi my friends,

how are you guys doing? are you on vacation? 

i surprisingly got the three days off before my vacation. anyway, no one would say "no" to this, right? ;) i spent the last days with lots of cleaning, doing the laundry and relaxing on the couch. since the trip to London with the generous people of EF isn't that far away anymore i started with the packing. unfortunately, i'm a horrible packer! do you remember THIS post? i packed way to much for my stay in california!! that's why i started to write down everything that comes to my mind during the day concerning my packing situation. i hope this will help a little and i won't be sitting at the airport with to much things. i also prevented the over-packing by using only handluggage which i think will do it for 2 days ;) haha

is anyone of you going to attend the EF Summeranza?

almost forgot to get some cash... ;)

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