Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013

Are you gonna be my friend?

Hello there,

I know you all are afraid to be lonely when you travel alone to a foreign country but honestly, you will never be on your own. Even a nice yet shy smile can lead to something big - a friendship which last forever or maybe even a relationship. Even on the street a stranger will talk to you randomly. I promise, you don't have to say a word and there will be stanging a woman next to you, smiling at you and pay a compliment perhaps because she likes your shoes or your hair. I just want you to know that travelling to a country you've may never been to before is a great adventure and guys ADVENTURES ARE FUN! ;) If you choose to go to school and attend the classes, you make friends in a heartbeat. They want, as well as you do, to meet other people and make friends and I'm telling you there's nothing easier than that. People are curious by nature. You look different, you smell different, you act different. Which leads us to: where are you from? what are you doing here? TELL ME ABOUT YOU. So you do and because you are curious to you will ask questions as well. This, my lovely people, we call a conversation. So you are talking to this strangers and these strangers are may becoming your friends. It's as easy as that and I KNOW you are able to do talk and start a conversation since you do it every day of your life.

If you're still insecure e-Mail me ( and ask everything you want to. I think I'm making a good friend, even if I'm happen to live a hundred miles away from you ;)

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