Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

Memories & Friends for a lifetime

Hi love bugs,

I just booked the trip to Germany!! I can't wait to visit Sophie and seeing Sandy again. I've never had so much fun as with this gals. We explored so many cities/towns/beaches in America (such as:)

San Francisco
Las Vegas
San Diego / Coronado
Santa Monica
Venice Beach
Laguna Beach
Huntington Beach
Los Angeles City
Santa Barbara 
and even Cancun (Mexico)

We went to the coolest events & places:

Lakers Game
X Games 2012
Hollywood sign
Walk of Fame
Movie Premiere of "Total Recall"
Shooting at LA Gun Club

and we had sooo much fun together, even when we just sat on the balcony and had some girls talks. No matter what, you will make lots of friends when you are in a international school and some friendships are going to last a lifetime:

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