Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

Me, My Life, My Friends

Hi there,

long time no see...
I decided to write blog only in the english language from now on since I'm pretty sure you all are pros and speak/write/know english (even) better than me ;)

How are you all doing? 
I'm great and my life is pretty much AWESOME these days! The only thing bad or I should say sad is that I'm no longer in California! God, I really miss it a lot!! But then, I've got those lovely readers who became friends and share the experiences they make in California with me. I love to hear that you are happy with your decision and you really do have the time of your lifes! 

So I'm happy for you and I'm happy because I'm going to visit my lovely friend Sophie (as seen here) from Germany in July! And it comes even better: Sandy is going with me!! How awesome is that??!! I'm so excited to see my lovely friends I've met in LA again! I miss them sooo much!
So I count the days and hope it won't take too long - haha ;)

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